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TREADING/NEWS: The Governor of Borno state, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, commends the Nigerian military.

The Governor of Borno state, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, has commend the Nigerian military’s ground and air fundamental for what he described as “decisive blow against Boko Haram” in the early hours of Wednesday, even when the insurgents ambushed from different directions in attempt to overrun Damboa town in southern part of the state. 
The Governor said in a statement, he personally signed on Thursday, ‎that he was surprisingly impressed that a combined team of soldiers of the army fighting on the ground and air, using fighter jets with the appreciative efforts of the civilian JTF and vigilantes, not only killed scores of insurgents to prevent them from gaining grounds but went the fearless step of taking the war to the insurgents even after they had fled.

 “‎I find it compelling to salute our fearless soldiers of the Nigerian Army and Air Force, under operation Lafiya Dole for a decisive blow against Boko Haram insurgents on Wednesday morning in Damboa town.
“At about 6
am yesterday, group of the insurgents cleverly attacked Damboa from different directions, convinced that their ambush was going to succeed in overrunning the town, regrettably for the insurgents, they met a far more battle-ready and prepared military. 
Soldiers of the army fought from the ground, the Air force quickly deployed fighter jets while volunteers in the Civilian JTF and Vigilantes complimented them. “At first moment, destroyed 10 fighting vehicles after killing scores of insurgents, who drove on them. 
I find it more astonishing when the military did not stay back, they re-mobilized and took the war to the fleeing insurgents and in the process, killed more insurgents and destroyed more than five fighting vehicles.
 The insurgents were deprived of and we know what one vehicle used for fighting means to the Boko Haram, talk more of 19. “I salute our ground and air forces. 
I salute our volunteers who supported the military. I salute two volunteers, one each of the Civilian JTF and Vigilantes who paid the autonomous price in trying to defend Borno and Nigeria. 
I sympathize with families of two women who were killed from stray bullets and wish those who sustained injuries a fast recovery. 
“I assure the people of Borno State that so much is being put in place in combined and very determined effort to end the Boko Haram insurgency. By the power of God, the insurgency will eventually come to an end and we shall regain our enduring peace and prosperity” Professor Babagana Umara Zulum said in the statement.

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